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Message from Coach Flautt:
I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has contributed to our soccer season this year. Of course, this starts with the parents who have raised all these young people – thank you for trusting us with your children to coach, and thank you for supporting the teams at our games. Next, thank you to the teachers and staff at the high school for all you do. As a neighbor teacher at the middle school, I only get to see some, but not all of the great things you do for our student-athletes. Additionally, this season would have been impossible without the support of the athletics staff, starting from our bus drivers and going all the way up to our directors. A special thank you to our two coaches, Coach Salazar and Coach Rocha, for the long hours spent on and off the field. To the student-athletes, student-managers, students, and in particular the Class of 2020: thank you for another unforgettable season. We do it all for you. -Coach Will Flautt  S